Marzia Minore

Marzia Minore is a freelance journalist based in Italy, investigating on social and environmental issues, agriculture and food, migration, education.

She studied in France (Paris VIII) and the UK (University of Cambridge), and worked as an academic researcher, a consultant and a teacher. She initially researched and wrote about arts, cultural policies and management of sites and museums worldwide. Her current interests are focused on local participation, human rights, social policies and inequalities. Passionate by investigative journalism, she combines data research and human stories. She wrote for La Stampa, il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Giornale dell’Arte, Altreconomia. She realised investigations on the integration of migrant children at school, on the economics of central Italy villages after the earthquake, on the exploitation of migrant workers in Italian agriculture.

Marzia Minore
Social Policies, Migration, Environment, Human Rights, Education, Arts and Culture