Pavlo Novyk is an award-winning investigative journalist from Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre (Ukraine), where he is focused on issues related to public procurement, land allocation, illegal constructions, ecological problems, war crimes in Ukraine.

Pavlo has been engaged in journalistic investigations for 9 years. Before that, he worked as a regional journalist in Kharkiv.

Pavlo Novyk was the first journalist who began to systematically show corruption in the Kharkiv City Hall. In particular, during the allocation of land for development, public procurement, monopolization of communal resources by the circle of the mayor of Kharkiv. He also studied corruption during the construction of medical clinics in the Kharkiv region, the reconstruction of the small town of Balaklea after the explosions of the weapons arsenal. In 2020, Pavlo described the history of the coke chemical enterprise in Kharkiv. How over the years the plant poisoned the population and ignored the orders of officials and law enforcement officers. This text was awarded the "Honor of the Profession" contest.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine in 2022, Pavlo began to write texts about the war crimes of the Russian military. In particular, about the shooting of a bus with civilians in the Kharkiv region, the destruction of a multi-story building in Izyum, researched the topic of propaganda of war and genocide in mass media.

Ukraine, Public Procurement, Land Allocation, Illegal Constructions, Ecological Issues, War Crimes