Disruptive change? - Radical Climate Activism in Europe

Barcelona/Cottbus/Assen - Climate terrorism, rebellion, radicalization: increasingly violent words are being thrown around in the debate on climate activism.

And indeed, the action of groups like the Last Generation, End Fossil Occupy and Extinction Rebellion have become more radical. They stage radical protest actions to highlight the urgency of taking action against global warming. To do this, they more and more often resort to means of civil disobedience.

Their actions receive a lot of media attention on the local and global level and are well documented. What receives less coverage, however, is how much impact their actions have on local and regional policy.

Which protests and groups manage to attain results? Which ones don’t? And why? When are activists confronted with hate and misunderstanding? What does this have to do with the different local conditions? And above all: what can we learn from radical climate protest across Europe?


Clara S Thompson is an American-German freelance journalist, columnist and author currently based in Germany.

Daniel Harper is a British-Iranian multimedia freelance journalist, residing and working in the EU.

Hylkje Kroon is a freelance editor and journalist, with a focus on climate change and ocean conservation.

Thekla Liebmann is Co-founder and Picture Editor of the European cross-border publication TEMA Magazine.

Viola Karsten is an editor and Co-founder of the European cross-border publication TEMA Magazine

  • Rebellion
  • Radicalisation
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