Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme - Module 1

This module focused on the key inputs and models for considering a successful strategy.


Riga, Latvia


October 17-21, 2022


Tom Trewinnard (UK)/ Programme Director

Jakub Parusinski/ Strategy module

Mark Lee Hunter/ Business Canvas

Module 1 focused on the foundational considerations for media sustainability: what are the key inputs and models for considering a successful strategy (Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain Models, Blue vs Red Ocean, Market Sizing Analysis); case studies from a range of relevant media contexts of successful and unsuccessful sustainability initiatives with group analysis of lessons; an overview and deep analysis of the subscription economy; how to use a Business Canvas to ideate and articulate a new product or revenue stream for your media. Day 3 of Module 1 was run as a simulation exercise – with participants split into teams, all of whom were dealing with a media sustainability crisis scenario and had to make real-time strategy decisions as the scenario unfolded throughout the day.

Throughout the week, participants received one-on-one coaching from faculty and the Programme Director on a “personal project” which they will work on over the course of the programme, and will present to a panel of experts, funders and investors at the conclusion of the programme. This personal project may be the strategic and business case for a new product or revenue stream for an existing media publisher or a proposal for the establishment of a new media initiative, and is intended as a way for participants to apply concepts, tools and analysis from the classroom in their own real-world context.

Strategy module