Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme - Module 2

This module covered the often-misunderstood field of Marketing, which discussed successfully taking media products to market, among other things.


Riga, Latvia


December 5-9, 2022


Tom Trewinnard (UK)/ Programme Director/ Technology and Public Speaking modules

Kevin Davis/ Marketing module

Ilze Pole/ Public Speaking module

Days 1-3 of the Module 2 covered the often-misunderstood field of Marketing – how to successfully take media products to market, conversion funnels, and how to map the costs of different marketing technologies for reader revenue initiatives. Throughout the first three days, participants workshopped their project ideas to apply the marketing concepts to their initiatives, receiving group and faculty feedback on their project ideas and marketing strategy.

Day 4 of the Module 2 focused on newsroom technology trends, identifying opportunities and risks around emergent technologies, addressing the challenges of incorporating new technologies in newsrooms, and how to position effectively to be responsive to future technology developments (VR/AR, 6G, etc.)

Day 5 of the Module 2 looked at the theories and practicalities of successful presentations and public speaking – covering the basics of rhetoric, the psychology of audiences and the seven basic story plots. Participants were asked to prepare and deliver a presentation incorporating the concepts and theories presented, with participants showing strong creativity and a good understanding of the concepts and techniques presented.

Marketing module