Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme - Module 3

Last week the Module 3 of Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme took place in Riga.

The Centre for Media Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Programme Director Tom Trewinnard welcomed media professionals from all over Europe for 5 days of intensive programme which had a focus on building tangible skills in two core media management areas: Finance & Accounting and Leadership.


Riga, Latvia


February 13-17, 2023


Over the first three days, led by Dr. Natalja Tocelovska, participants learned about financial accounting, managerial accounting, how to read and understand financial statements, and how to design budgets and financial forecasts. Dr. Natalja Tocelovska brings a wealth of experience from the corporate banking sector and finance education sectors. She has also worked extensively in media leadership education, and currently is working on a one-to-one basis with participants to design comprehensive and realistic budgets for their personal projects.

The final two days of the module were led by executive education expert Dr. Peter Zashev, who introduced participants to the core features of successful leadership, situational leadership, and leading cross-cultural teams. Participants identified the facets of leadership that they considered personal strengths and noted areas for further development, as well as the relevant actions they should take to continue their growth.

There were additional two curricular activities organized in order to share experience and stories among training members. The first was a meeting with Pauls Raudseps - the acting editor-in-chief of weekly magazine IR. It was co-founded in 2010 by the former staff of newspaper Diena, after it was suddenly sold to unknown owners. The second was Failure evening were everyone was asked to share their stories. Failure is everywhere – in business, communication, technology, politics, and art. But we’re constantly told that failure is wrong, that it’s shameful. Nobody talks about it… Well, we were talking and it was brave, fun, inspiring and healing. It’s a simple concept that made the whole group even more connected on a personal level.

Personal sustainability projects continue to be refined in preparation for the final presentations in Module 4 which is final for current training group and is planned for April 24-28, in Riga.

Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme
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