Workshop 10 - Going freelance: How to leverage your fan base to monetize your journalism (workshop for non-celebrity journalists)

Many budding journalists dream of launching a freelance career and gaining professional independence through self-financing with contributions from readers and supporters. This path is definitely easier for well-known, award-winning journalists who are also popular outside their home country. But how to make this work if you are not a big name?

The internet offers plenty of tools and platforms to help make this possible. But which ones to choose? And how to proceed step by step?

In this workshop, Jakub Zelenka, a Czech journalist who decided to go his own way after years of experience in leading Czech newsrooms, will share his practical experience. A year ago, he started his own project Mimo agendu (Off the Agenda) and proved that this decision made sense on both the professional and financial levels.

The workshop will focus on gaining practical experience, along with skills, tools and procedures to guide you on the path to a successful freelance career and help raise money for your work from the contributions of your readers, viewers and listeners.

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30 November 2022, 4 PM CET


Jakub Zelenka (CZ)

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