Workshop 7, How to build trust with new and hard-to-reach audiences

The training will provide useful tips and also aim to engage the participants in a conversation about working with new and hard-to-reach audiences by addressing the following questions:

  • How to build trust with people who have a deep distrust of the media?
  • How do we cover communities where there is little knowledge about how journalists work, and there is no distinction between fake news shared on social media, government propaganda, and quality journalism?
  • How to find the stories that bridge the ideological divides in a community?
  • How can we reach and engage audiences that are outside our bubble?

The Cross-Border Local initiative offers grants to journalists interested in local, cross-border investigative journalism; training and mentoring in various aspects of investigative journalism; and a mini-MBA for local news media executives.

"Our workshop series is designed for journalists and media workers who are nationals or residents, or currently work, in the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia, and Tunisia."




October 19, 2022, at 2 PM CET


The trainer: Zoltán Sipos is an investigative journalist and the editor-in-chief of Átlátszó Erdély, an investigative journalism project covering the 1.2 million-strong Hungarian community living in Romania. Átlátszó Erdély uses investigative journalism tools and long-form narrative to cover complex local stories that matter to small communities.

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