Workshop 8: Designing journalistic content with the reader in mind

This two-hour workshop aims to introduce the design thinking method (idea, introduction, presentation of process) using three cases as examples. During the meeting, we will examine creativity myths and check whether an adequate diagnosis is better than guesswork. By putting the reader at the center, we will consider their needs and what makes it difficult for them to use reliable sources. The practical part will be based on quotations from a research project conducted for Free Press during the spring of this year.

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November 2, 2022, at 4 PM CET


The trainer: Jowita RadziƄska is a sociologist and ethicist, who has a Ph.D. in humanities. She is also an experienced qualitative researcher, as well as a trainer, coach, design thinking, and CSI: Lab facilitator. She coordinates the research study within the SCIENCE+ project of Free Press Eastern Europe titled Uncertain times: The transmission of information and views on the war in Ukraine.

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