Timber 2.0. Bypassing Sanctions

Minsk - Belarusian goods are flooding Europe despite the bans of Brussels.

Forty-four episodes of violation of sanctions were revealed only by Polish regulators and recently handed over the verification materials to the prosecutor's office. Meanwhile, together with investigative journalists from different countries, we continue to identify new shadow players in the Belarusian wood business under sanctions. In this article we will talk about new companies with Belarusian beneficiaries, and about state-owned Belarusian enterprises that supply plywood to Europe through their branches and representative offices.

Evidence of millions of turnover, Belarusian officials with a criminal past and an international network to circumvent sanctions are presented in the materials of this investigation.


Stanislau Ivashkevich is a Belarusian investigative journalist at Belsat TV, chairman of the only investigative center in his country ESnaUra! z.s. (registered in Czech Republic), producing over a dozen of investigations of corruption per year.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Šarūnas Černiauskas leads Siena.lt, the first Lithuanian non-profit organization dedicated entirely to investigative reporting, and an OCCRP member center.