• Social Affairs
  • Equality

Spain - “Many people in mental institutions are subject to neglect and abuse of human rights, reflected in high mortality rates..."

  • Exploitation
  • Transport

Bilbao - In the Basque region of northern Spain, it is not an uncommon occurrence for food delivery couriers to be involved in accidents on the road.

  • Education
  • Exploitation

Copenhagen/Gothenburg/Oslo - Winter is cold in Scandinavia, even more so if you come from afar and are used to warmer climates, as for many international students who choose to defy the low temperatures and buckle up to study up north.

  • Cities
  • Journalism & Media

Budapest - "If local democracies are the cornerstone of democratic societies, local and regional media constitute the foundation of a healthy and pluralistic media landscape."

  • Migration
  • Trafficking

Sarajevo - Dozens of migrants from Asia and Africa drown every year in the rivers between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

  • Corruption
  • Sports

OSLO - Around 2,000 of the games at a semi-professional and amateur level are available to bet on with mysterious illegal betting companies in the Far East.

  • Agriculture
  • Exploitation

Bucharest - Fidesz, the populist party governing Hungary, and AUR, a far-right party from Romania with a visibly growing follower base have more in common than one would expect.

  • Cities
  • Culture

Băile Herculane - A collection of hotels and baths that once made up an Austro-Hungarian thermal waters resort is being destroyed under the harsh weather of its surrounding mountains.

  • Armed Conflict
  • Security

Kyiv - Ukraine is investigating hundreds of firms, many created since Russia’s full-scale invasion scrambled the grain market, for allegedly failing to properly document their trading in Ukrainian grain or to pay taxes on it.

  • Cities
  • Environment

Puglia - From the role of organised crime to the failings of national and European institutional oversight, this investigation on the ground raises awareness regarding the main players of the agricultural market.

  • Ukraine
  • Surrogacy

Kyiv - Surrogacy is a growing business worldwide. Over the last years, Ukraine has become one of the leading providers in this field of business.

  • Island
  • Depopulation

United Kingdom - With islands across Europe having experienced years of population decline, many now face an uncertain future. Swathes of rural Europe will experience shrinking, ageing populations – especially in island communities.

  • Lithuania
  • Belarusia

Minsk - A secretive Lithuanian partner of Lukashenka's once most infamous "wallet" Yury Chyzh has run billions through his Singapore vehicle during the Belarus' suspected contraband oil boom. He still maintains business ties with Chyzh, which he denies.