Water Parasites Victims: Rome and Istanbul's Effects on Regional Water Resources

Rome - As big cities try to cope with population growth, climate change, and more frequent droughts, the grasping for available water sources wears out small communities and ecosystems.

Water Parasites: Investigating the Mismanagement of Regional Water Sources in Italy and Turkey

In Italy, multinational utility companies are depleting local founts, engaging in predatory behaviour against vulnerable communities. These companies are often involved in environmental crimes due to negligence and overexploitation. In Turkey, in particular, Istanbul’s water needs depend mostly on unsustainable water policies and decade-long failed projects, whilst unregulated industries, mines, and other development plans are free to drain and pollute local water reserves.

As part of this comparative investigation, the project reports on the impact of water mismanagement in Italy and Turkey by collecting data and documents and conducting extensive fieldwork among local communities.

The project highlights the schemes that multinational water companies, mining, and dam projects are putting in place to exploit regional water sources, endangering the water security of entire regions.

Photo by Federico Ambrosini: Drone view of Lake Bracciano in Italy. The village of Anguillara Sabazia is on the left. Underground pipes on the right.

Federico Ambrosini
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