International training programme participants are gathering in Riga for their final presentations

The participants of the Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme are back in Riga for the fourth and final module of the programme. It is going to be an exciting and busy week filled with lectures, one-on-one consultations, and final project presentations.

Monday will be dedicated to a crucial topic for media organizations – well-being in the workplace. According to Mar Cabra (co-founder of The Self-Investigation, a journalist and digital wellness expert) - mental health has become one of the biggest challenges for journalists. More than 60% of the media workers in countries as diverse as Canada, Spain and Ecuador reported high levels of anxiety in 2022.

On Tuesday Fergus Bell (experienced journalist, editor and leading expert in digital news gathering, verification, newsroom innovation and collaborative journalism projects) will speak about sustainability for media ecosystem.

Wednesday will be fully dedicated to one-on-one consultations with faculty members - Natalja Tocelovska, Kevin Davis and Tom Trewinnard for some last improvements before presentation days.

On Thursday and Friday, the final project presentations will be held. All participants have been working on individual projects and will present them. The individual projects can include strategic and business cases for a new product; new revenue stream for an existing media publisher; or a proposal for the establishment of a new media initiative. They are intended as a way for participants to apply all the concepts, tools, and analysis that they have learned during the program or in their own real-world context. Panel of experts includes Tom Trewinnard (Programme Director), Gulnara Akhundova (Head of International Media Support), Ides Debruyne (Managing Director Journalism fund Europe) and they will evaluate all the presentations and projects based on 7 criteria – innovation, feasibility, impact, sustainability, capacity, transparency and alignment with the Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programmes idea and priorities.

We wish all the participants the best of luck!