Workshop 11 - A practical guide for packaging and delivering fact-checking and debunking content to a wide audience - Lessons learned from extensive research

In the fight against disinformation, journalists debunk myths and expose conspiracy theories that threaten to poison the public discourse. But they also face a difficult challenge – making sure that fact-checking actually makes a difference. How should media organizations package such content to attract audiences who are already overwhelmed by other online content? As part of the Science+ project, Free Press Unlimited publicized several fact-checking projects targeting readers across Central and Eastern Europe. The team promoted content across various channels and formats, and carefully measured reach, engagement, and impact. In an online session, they will summarize the lessons learned.


Zoom, online


December 7, 2022


Peter Georgiev is a reporter for Bulgarian National Television and a researcher for Free Press for Eastern Europe (FPEE). Peter covers disinformation, technology, and politics for Panorama, one of the oldest and most widely known television programs in Bulgaria. As part of FPEE's Science+ project, he also probes disinformation in Central and Eastern Europe, examining narratives relating to the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine

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