Workshop 13 - How to rate media credibility to raise trust in journalism - practical steps

The corrosion of trust in journalism remains one of the greatest threats to open societies and democracies. User-generated content saturates online spaces and obscures the need for accurate and balanced information, undermining the traditional role of journalists as gatekeepers. Are there any practical steps we can take to restore trust in the media? How can ordinary citizens determine a media outlet's credibility quickly?

We will explore the methodology of the Czech project Media Rating, which developed a set of easily comprehended criteria to rate media credibility. After more than three years in operation, there are many practical lessons to be learned.


ZOOM, online


December 1, 2022, 5PM CET


Josef Šlerka – founder of Media Rating – is head of the department of New Media Studies at Charles University in Prague and a data analyst at He served as director of the Czech Fund for Independent Journalism from 2017 to 2021.

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