Workshop 5, Connecting across borders: How to develop your cross-border story ideas - with a particular focus on local journalism and how to find story ideas

This two-hour online seminar will guide you through the working process of a cross-border collaborative journalism investigation, from developing the idea to publication and what happens beyond that. A step-by-step approach will introduce you to all aspects of conducting cross-border investigations. This event will focus particularly on developing story ideas that are relevant on a local level but have European or cross-border aspects. Based on topics of interest, we will set up breakout rooms where you can discuss your plans with others and find potential partners. Participants will then return to the full session and address the finer points of devising a work plan that can function as the starting point of your collaboration.

Our workshops are targeted at participants who are from, live, or currently work in the following countries: the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia, and Tunisia.


Zoom, Online


October 5, 2022


The workshop will be led by Brigitte Alfter, author of Cross-Border Collaborative Journalism: A Step-by-Step Guide. Brigitte is a senior German-Danish journalist, editorial director of Arena for Journalism in Europe, and lecturer at the University of Gothenburg with reporting experience at local, national, and European levels. Since 2008, she has worked to develop European support and infrastructures for cross-border journalism and advised partners on all aspects of collaborative journalism. She combines journalism practice, entrepreneurial activities, teaching/training, and academic research.

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Ylanite Koppens